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Forex Trading live for beginner : How to use HK signal for Forex | Forex Tool

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■HK signal has 2 signal ; Colour arrow sign and Blank arrow sign.

【Signal check point】

1. I recommend you to trade “ when the Blank arrow sign showed up after the Colour arrow sign “.

2. make sure the candlestick direction is going the same way with the MA Line. (Moving average line),

If not or not sure , don’t trade, If yes , see next step

3.Check the direction of oscillator (bottom line), Have to be the same way with Candlestick and MA Line. if not , don’t trade

4. When these 1, 2, 3 are matched, you can trade And don’t forget to set Take profit and Stop loss If you wanna be friend with me… Please receive the information now!→

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